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13 August, 2001
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Intro As the commercial advantages of websites become more apparent, the need to keep a website where it will be found by Internet users is as important as the design of the site itself. Union marketing services aim to ensure that your website is ranked at the top of the most popular Internet Search engines.
 Website Marketing 
It is universally recognised that the most powerful tool for driving visitors to your web site is effective placement on search engines. This was once a relatively simple matter but as the number of web sites competing for top spots on the search engine listings has grown, so has the difficulty in achieving those rankings.

Effective ranking is now a highly specialised, time consuming task that requires a great deal of experience and investment in appropriate software tools and techniques. We are able to offer a range of web site marketing solutions appropriate to the needs of your site.

Monthly marketing - we develop with you a set of appropriate keywords that most people will use to search for sites like yours. These are then integrated into your sites home page. Once a month your rankings are checked and remedial action is taken if necessary.

Monthly marketing plus - as with the package above but for this more comprehensive service we apply different keyword sets to each of your sites pages. This gives the search engines more 'targets' to hit and brings many more visitors to your site.

Premium marketing - includes all the features and benefits of the monthly marketing plus package. In addition we create a set of 'doorway' pages for your site, each one targeting a specific keyword phrase and a specific search engine.

Marketing consultancy - we work with you to maximise the integration of your web site with traditional marketing materials and help you develop the best methods to make sure the largest number of people find out about your site. In addition we will conduct a search of the Internet finding opportunities to obtain links to your site.

For more information on any of these services or custom services, please contact a member of our Sales Team on (852)9366-9005 to discuss your individual requirements.

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