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Mercury Soft Compression Identifier Version 7.00 Freeware
MSCIC006.ZIP 31 December 1997 34K MS-DOS
A compression format identifies Tool which can identifies with 164 of Archives, Compressions, MultiMedia Types.
Mercury Soft Technology, Inc. Andy Cheng
軟蛀兩K Version 2.40 Freeware
SB2K240.ZIP 8 August 1998 184K MS-DOS/CWin95
An useful tools for anyone use it under Chinese Windows 95 DOS mode with input methods.
軟蛀是一套非常好用的程式,能夠讓你在 MS-DOS 視窗下輸入中文的程式,內建倉頡、簡易、注音、內碼、片語輸入法,支援自動上載到上層記憶體。
SoftBug SoftBug

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